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Practicing Consent

Apr 10, 2023

Practicing Consent

Sharing is caring, right? Raising children to be kind, polite and generous is important. But what do we do when sharing doesn’t feel like the right thing to do? Start the Conversation: Practicing Consent uses theater to engage young people in a conversation about consent, sharing, boundary setting and community caring.

In this series, Miss Caitlyn explores consent, sharing, and boundary setting through theater. The video aims to encourage young people and their adults to think critically about the nuances of consent by asking people how they want to be treated, listening to their body, and choosing when and what they want to share.

Start the Conversation

In this interactive video, viewers will become members of Squirrel Scout Troop 212 and be tasked with helping a fellow Squirrel Scout, Freddie, figure out how to be a good Squirrel Scout and listen to their body at the same time. Throughout the video, young people will explore the nuances of consent by asking people how they want to be treated, listening to their bodies, and choosing when they want to share.

Intended Age Group: K – 3rd Grade

This video may be helpful for…
  • Educators/ School Staff/ Parents/Caregivers or other adults working with children who are interested in engaging in conversation about consent, sharing, boundaries and community with young people.
Questions We Will Explore
  • What is consent?
  • How do you say yes?
  • How do you say no?
  • Do you always have to share?
  • How do we listen to our bodies?
Before Watching
  • We encourage adults to watch with their young person(s). That way you can take in and process information together. Adults can also help by pausing the video and assisting their young person in answering and asking questions.

  • Make sure you are ready to dive into this topic. If you, the adult, or your child are actively experiencing heightened emotions (anxiety, fear, anger, etc.) around consent, wait until you are both feeling more relaxed to discuss these topics.

  • If after watching this video or engaging with this topic a child becomes more anxious, overwhelmed or scared than you perceive is typical for them, it may be helpful to reach out to a medical or mental health professional. Resources can be located through your school or local healthcare facility.

After Watching
  • Consider how you can begin or continue to incorporate a culture of consent into you and your child’s lives.

  • Check out our Resource & Activity guides to continue this conversation and increase your own learning about these topics.

A Note from Consent Educator, Madeline Geier

Practicing consent and working to build cultures of consent is not only about safe and ethical relationships and communities but also about empowering, honoring, and supporting ourselves and each other, even when our needs and wants are different. Practicing consent requires us to be in continual reflection about how we feel and what we need and want while also deconstructing the assumptions we have about others’ needs and wants. This prioritization of identifying and respecting boundaries, bodily autonomy, and wants enables us to better care for ourselves and our communities. When we invite young people to build cultures of consent alongside us, we help them build a foundation to prioritize self-awareness, communication, and mutual respect that will support the formation of healthy relationships.

Resource Guide

This guide is designed for grown-ups to continue their education and grow their resources

Activity Guide

This guide is designed for grown-ups to share with their young people to continue the conversation and practice tools/themes shared in the video.

Make Your Own Acorn

Your young person can make their own special acorn with our acorn coloring sheet! 

Practice the Squirrel Scout Rules

Download our poster to review the Squirrel Scout Rules at home! 

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STC’s Practicing Consent was scripted by Caitlyn McCain in collaboration with Elyse Orecchio & Allison Reed with input from project consultant and child and adolescent psychiatrist, M. Bridget Downes, MD.

Co-Produced by Caitlyn McCain and Nicole Hogsett

Freddie and the Golden Acorn is based on an original Theatre in Education (TIE) piece titled “Let’s Get Nuts” created by Elyse Orecchio and Allison Reed in CUNY’s School of Professional Studies MA in Applied Theatre Program.

STC: Practicing Consent Resource and Activity guides were created by consent educator, Madeline Geier.

Videography by Alexander Cope
Video Edits by Danica Lee Clauser

Webpage by Nicole Hogsett
Website Language by Caitlyn McCain

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