Forest of Feelings

Performance Dates: Streaming this Season
Run Time: 30 Minutes
Best for Ages: 2–5
Year(s) Produced: 2020
Join us as we venture to the Forest of Feelings to return a lost laugh to its distant home. Developed by Yo Re Mi New York City Children’s brings you a brand new virtual show that incorporates story-telling, yoga and music!

About Forest of Feelings

The Forest of Feelings is a magical place filled with a vast landscape of emotions. When two friends discover a lost laugh, with the audience’s help, they must take a physical and musical journey through the forest to return it to its faraway home.

Created by Yo Re Mi, Forest of Feelings is an interactive show live on Zoom that teaches your youngest theatergoers about emotions, music, and yoga.

Show Credits

Created by Yo Re Mi
Directed by Dan Costello
Performed by Dan Costello and Rachel Costello
Animations by Preston Spurlock

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Forest of Feelings!

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What Audiences are Saying about Forest of Feelings

I loved the show!

“I loved the show and I loved how they made the different colors and pictures appear on the screen. Like, how when the rain stopped and the rainbow came out. I would love to see another show.”

— Audience Member, age 4
Such an important message!

“I liked the theme of the show about feelings and naming different feelings in relation to different events. Such an important message. It was so interactive and my daughter was smiling and moving the whole time. Really fun. Thank you!”

— NYCCT Parent
That was amazing!

“That was amazing!! I’m telling all my friends! Bravo guys. We came and saw a show in person last year. Great work translating your storytelling and interactivity to digital/online. In some ways it works even better. But of course, we look forward to rejoining you live and in person, all together again!”

— NYCCT Parent
They ALL loved this.

“I have two 7-year-olds and a 4-year-old and they ALL loved this. They’re pretty sick of Zoom stuff at this point and have done a lot of Cosmic Yoga and things like that through school, but this was SO much more. It was interactive and well organized and got them thinking and talking and moving. Can’t wait to do more of these as we’re stuck inside for the foreseeable future. Thank you!”

— NYCCT Parent
The performers did a wonderful job involving the audience.

“The performers did a wonderful job involving the audience. My son is 4 and he was focused and responding throughout the performance. I also enjoyed the pre and post activities related to the show!”

— NYCCT Parent
We had a great time!

“We had a great time! Forest of Feelings was well done and my child had a blast! I loved how accessible it was and how yoga was incorporated. Also, effort was made to include every child.”

— NYCCT Parent
Such a wonderful show!

“Our family loved Forest of Feelings! We had so much fun watching and participating during the performance. Our two kids, 2 and 4, both enjoyed the yoga poses and songs so much they spent the better part of the day reenacting them and their forest adventure. The pre-show videos and crafts to familiarize us with some of the content was greatly appreciated. Such a wonderful show. Thank you!”


— NYCCT Parent
Sweet, gentle interactive show about feelings and adventure!

Sweet, gentle interactive show about feelings and adventure. The two actors do a great job of including the children in the audience, and are quite engaging. You can tell they know kids and love performing for them. There were clever ways to show kids beginning yoga moves through song and movement. And they taught helpful calming actions like deep breaths and grounding without distracting from the storyline. Also, fun use of animation in the background along with the live actors. Well done!”


— NYCCT Parent
YoReMi is brilliant!

Wonderful. Creative. Engaging for the kids. YoReMi is brilliant!”


— NYCCT Parent
It was absolutely wonderful.

It was absolutely wonderful. My child was fully engaged, laughing and enjoying every minute. I was so impressed by what you could do on Zoom!”


— NYCCT Parent
My child had a blast!

We had a great time! Forest of Feelings was well done and my child had a blast! I loved how accessible it was and how yoga was incorporated.”

— NYCCT Parent

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