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Join Us on a Swimming Adventure

Join us on an exciting adventure that engages all five of our senses! Explore the world around us through sight, hearing, smell, touch, and taste.

Get your super swimmer skills ready and dive into a swimming adventure in a magical ocean. We’ll encounter oceans with bright coral, singing fish, fragrant flowers, soft and fuzzy Teddy bears, and even a jello ocean that we’ll have to eat our way through!

Through this interactive experience, children learn about their five senses and how to use them to explore the world around them. This activity is perfect for children who love swimming, imagination, and using their five senses in a fun and creative way.

Catch our segment on Let’s Learn Monday, May 1st at 11am on Channel 13 or stream online anytime after at


Produced by The WNET Group, Let’s Learn is a nationally broadcast public media series for kids ages 3-7 that makes learning fun.

One-hour segmented programs focus on stories, reading and writing skills, math, science, social studies, the arts, and social-emotional learning. Segments are hosted by a dynamic, diverse group of educators who model best practices to support student learning. Leading cultural institutions have served as content partners.

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