The Rabbit Listened

In this class you and Miss Caitlyn will explore the power of a listening heart.

Creative Clubhouse Stories is an interactive storytime class that uses children’s literature to explore diverse narratives through theater, music and movement! This month we are exploring mental health in our Feeling Feelings series.

This story is about a child named Taylor who experiences something sad and doesn’t quite know what to do. But Taylor’s animal friends have some ideas on how to make everything better…but their ideas aren’t what Taylor needs.

It is hard to watch someone you care about go through something hard. All you want to do is fix it for them. But sometimes, you can’t. So what do you do then? Sometimes it’s best to just listen. Join Miss Caitlyn to explore the power of a listening heart.

Wednesday, April 20th at 4pm
Classes run for 45 minutes live on Zoom!
Best for ages 3-8

How are you feeling today? That is a big question! Let’s explore the big feelings that we feel every day. With a special focus on anger, frustration, anxiety, disappointment, and loss, Miss Caitlyn will use theater to explore these feelings and how we can process them through play.

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