Why Not You with Lauren Melissa | Read Aloud and Activity

To celebrate the beginning of the school year, NYCCT invites you to dream big and then answer the question "why not you?" Join Lauren Melissa for a read aloud of one of our favorite children's books!
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Creative Clubhouse Stories is excited to celebrate the beginning of the school year with a read aloud of the book Why Not You? read by teaching artist Lauren Melissa. We encourage all young people who are heading back to school this year to dream big and believe in yourself! 

About the Book

We all have big dreams! Sometimes it’s hard to imagine our big dreams coming true. But what if someone saw all the amazing and spectacular parts of us—our winning smiles, our fancy feet, our warm hearts—and asked, “Why not you?”

Whether it’s becoming a football player or a pop star or the president or a scientist: Why not you? In this picture book debut, superstars Ciara and Russell Wilson encourage readers to see themselves achieving their dreams, no matter how outrageous they may seem. It’s a lyrical celebration of self-esteem, perseverance, and daring to shoot for the stars.

Read Why Not You with Lauren Melissa!


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lauren melissa ellzey

About Lauren Melissa

Lauren Melissa Ellzey (she/her), @Autienelle, is an autistic self-advocate, educator, author, and social justice activist. Through writing and presenting, she engages across lines of difference, highlighting the inequitable systems that oppress queer, BIPOC, and disabled folks. Her work as Autienelle has crossed paths with the United Nations, Penn State, PINE Program (NYU), Reframing Autism, Out 4 Undergrad, Pima County Health Department, NeuroClastic, Cripple Media, AbleZine, Inclusion Festival, the Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts, and more. As an Instructional Support Specialist, she provides consultation and professional development on autistic K-12 inclusion. Her debut young adult novel, Boy at the Window, emphasizes the importance of belonging for queer, neurodivergent youth of color. In all, she hopes to co-create a society where autistics nurture autistics as we strive toward true inclusion.

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