Storytime with Buddy | Taste the Clouds

Do you want to read a story about imagination?
Creative Clubhouse KIDS

Today, our special guests, Buddy and the Girl are going to read the book Taste the Clouds by Rita Marshall for you!

After the book, we have some craft ideas for you!

Taste the Clouds Scavenger Hunt!

See if you can find these 10 items where you are!

1. Can you find something that’s yellow like the stars in the book?

2. Can you find something that flies like an owl?

3. Swans can be found in water – can you find something that goes in water?

4. Buddy and the Girl think a rainbow might taste like fruit! Can you find a piece of fruit that is one of the colors of the rainbow?

5. Can you find something soft and fluffy like a cloud?

6. Buddy and the Girl shared what their favorite foods are! Can you find something tasty like a doughnut or a slice of pizza?

7. Musical instruments are fun to play! Can you find something you can make music with?

8. Can you find something blue like the flowers in the book?

9. Can you find something that glows like the moon?

10. Buddy and the Girl are best friends! Can you find something that reminds you of your best friend?

If you enjoyed this activity, please consider making a donation to New York City Children’s Theater.

Your gift will enable us to continue the critical work we are doing right now and enable us to continue planning for the future.

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