Proud Read Aloud: Prince & Knight

Join Teaching Artist Tamelan to read Prince & Knight, a modern fairy tale that explores love and acceptance!
Creative Clubhouse KIDS
Creative Clubhouse Stories is celebrating Pride Month! Join us throughout the month for our Proud Read Aloud series, featuring guests teaching artists from the LGBTQ+ community!

Read Prince & Knight with Tamelan!


A Creative Clubhouse Stories Special Event!

Join Caitlyn for a special PRIDE themed Creative Clubhouse Stories class. We will explore a story through theatre, explore the unique colors of the rainbow, and celebrate our identities with a PROUD dance party!
teaching artist tamelan chauvet

About Tamelan

Tamelan (they/them) is a queer Afro-Caribbean performance artist who draws upon music, poetry, applied theater, and history to create pieces that empower individuals of African descent, are queer folx, or anyone else who is marginalized in some way. Their deep reverence for their predecessors and their contributions inspires them to use artistry as a vehicle for conscious examination and social change.

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