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We asked the cast of This is Sadie: Where would you fly if you had wings, just like Sadie?
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We asked the cast of This is Sadie:  

Sadie flies all around when she receives her wings. We asked our cast: If you had wings, where would you fly?

I would fly to the North Star, to see what the view is like from there.

– Rob Coglitore

The tropical rainforest. There are so many colors and so many different types of life. Plus, I love rain. It would be great to fly to the rainforest while it still exists. Hopefully we can save it.

– Mark Cruz

If I had wings, I would fly home [to Cincinnati, OH] so I could visit my family.

– Declan McDonough

I would fly to the Great Pyramids in Egypt. I think seeing such great structures built by so many generations of people would be amazing. To fly over them and see them from above would be very special.

– Taylor McMahon

Somewhere tropical… either Bali or Hawaii; all I think of is the water, sand, and trees I could be surrounded by. And don’t forget, the coconuts I can drink from!

– Arianne Meneses


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If You Had Wings, Where Would You Fly?

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