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Drosselmeyer gifts Clara Marie a very special gift - a nutcracker! We asked the cast to tell us about the most meaningful gift they've ever given someone or had someone give to them!
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We asked the cast:

What is the most meaningful gift you’ve ever given or received? 

A couple years ago for Christmas I was given an Ancestry DNA kit- this was so amazing because I was able to connect with my heritage and learn more about where my family comes from!

Kalia Burrett

Clara Marie

A brand new DJ controller for the holidays last year!

Nick Alselmo

Nutcracker and Others

A set of notebooks and each of my friends wrote a note to me in the front pages (gel pens were also included).

Kaylin Johnson

Dewdrop Fairy and Others

Love ❤️ I’ve actually never gotten a Christmas gift before sadly to say

Samuel St. Juste

Cavalier and Others

It seems kind of silly, but my parents got me a Puppet Playhouse Theatre for Christmas when I was four or five. I could not stop putting on puppet shows for my family every single day. This gift was so special because it really made me feel seen. My parents knew I was a performer and really fostered that and allowed me to be creative from such a young age.

Kyle Marra


My partner and step son got me flowers when we moved in to our current place. It wasn’t a holiday or my birthday, so it was particularly sweet. I dried them and still have them in our bedroom!

Alex Oliva


My First Nutcracker

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