Advice for Fighting with Your Siblings

Clara Marie's brother, Fritz, get into an argument and then Fritz accidentally breaks her nutcracker. We asked our cast: What advice would you give young people who may fight with their siblings?
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We asked the cast of My First Nutcracker to tell us their advice for young people who may fight with their siblings?

Letting go and forgiving each other is the best way to keep yourself and your loved ones at ease and stress free.

Alex Oliva

Clara-Marie, My First Nutcracker

If you are upset always a take a moment to breath first and then chat! Talking with your siblings and communicating can help so much!

Fernando Moya Delgado

Nutcracker, Prince, and Fritz, My First Nutcracker

Always remember that your siblings love you. Even if you get into a fight with them this fact never changes and you’ll forgive one another.

Hilary Brown

Dewdrop Fairy, My First Nutcracker

Always best to do your best and try and make up with them after.

John Pickup

Drosselmeyer and Others , My First Nutcracker

My First Nutcracker

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