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One of our favorite things to do when we’re home? Dance and sing! NYCCT is going to be providing video and lyrics of some of our favorite songs from our musicals so you and your little ones can sing and dance at home!
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Cinderella is ready to fix her father’s old rocket so she can attend the Space Parade and the Gravity Free Ball. But Stepmother doesn’t want her to attend, so she comes up with a plan of her own…

I can’t let Cinderella go near the parade or the ball! If the prince sees her, it will embarrass us and ruin Hulla and Gidra’s chances. Could she really fix that old wreck with these funny-looking things?

Not if I can help it!


Can she fix it? That could be a problem,
for I simply cannot have her making my two girls look bad.
But can she fix it? It’s a rusty piece of junk
but I know Cinderella just might do it “for her dad!”

I’ll have to be crafty too, like she is
I’ve got ideas, yes I do!
I’ll be sly, and I’ll be clever like she is
in whatever I do!

Little miss fix-it!
Argh! What am I going to do with you?

Little miss fix-it!
Never where I want you.
But guess what missy, I can fix things too!

Would she need a hammer? I’ll just take it.
And this snippy thing, whatever it is, I think I’ll take it too,
it’s really small!

And these pliers, and these funny clamps,
it’s time to lose them!
Cinderella cannot use them!
Oh, I’ll just take them all!

I’ll have to be crafty too like she is, I’ve got ideas, yes I do!
I’ll be sly, and I’ll be clever like she is, in whatever I do!

So can she fix it?


Not if I can help it!
I’ll do the fixing, because I’m no fool!
She’s the problem, and I can fix it!

‘Cause little miss fix-it can’t go to the ball…
if she doesn’t have her tools!

Little miss, little miss, little mis fix-it, I’ll fix you!


Goodbye, tools!

Show Credits

Music and Lyrics by Laurie Berkner
Book by Barbara Zinn Krieger
Directed by Marty Johnson
Music Direction and Arrangements by Kristen Lee Rosenfeld
Based on the book by Deborah Underwood

Performed by Angela Travino

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