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One of our favorite things to do when we're home? Dance and sing! NYCCT is going to be providing video and lyrics of some of our favorite songs from our musicals so you and your little ones can sing and dance at home!
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Cinderella is feeling sad after her Stepmother and Stepsister are mean to her. But when her robot mouse friend, Mergatroyd, reminds her of the incredible things she’s bound to do, Cinderella remembers and her dreams as well as who she’s meant to be!

I’ve known you a very long time, Cinderella.
You solve every problem you find, Cinderella.
And when you see the sky…

All the dreams inside me break free.
[Spoken] You’re right, it’s meant to be!

I’m Interstellar Cinderella
I can fix a rocket with the wrench in my pocket.
I’m Interstellar Cinderella
One day just watch me, I’ll fly between every star.

They treat me like a maid
Yes, they do, Cinderella
I’m mad, but not afraid
Good for you, Cinderella
I know I can make things
That’s something they can’t take from me
Cause I was meant to be

Interstellar Cinderella, a builder and inventor and out-of-the-box dissenter.
I’m Interstellar Cinderella and one day just watch me I’ll fly between every star.

You’re brighter than the planets you want to explore
Cause when I have an idea, it sparks a hundred more!
You’re clever and strong.
I’m determined, and longing to be, the girl I know is me!

I’m Interstellar Cinderella and no one can miss me cause I’m making history
I’m Interstellar Cinderella and I have dreams of my own.
And maybe, among all those stars, I’ll find my true home!

Show Credits

Interstellar Cinderella
Music and Lyrics byLaurie Berkner
Book byBarbara Zinn Krieger
Directed by Marty Johnson
Music Direction and Arrangements by Kristen Lee Rosenfeld
Based on the book byDeborah Underwood

Performed by Meadow Tien Nguy and Sam McLellan


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