Why Should You See Fish in a Tree

There are many reasons to come see Fish in a Tree, but today our cast and creative team share why they think you should see the show!
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We asked the cast and creative team:

Why Should Families See Fish in a Tree?

You will get the chance to watch Ally’s Sketchbook come ALIVE in front of your eyes!

Melissa Jessel

Co-Director, Fish in a Tree

One of the bravest things we can do is ask for help. Experiencing this show with the entire family will hopefully inspire thoughtful conversations about what it means to celebrate our own individuality.

Sammy Lopez

Co-Director, Fish in a Tree

It will inspire people of all ages to use their differences to their advantage in life! You are not alone, and just because you may think differently than those around you does not mean you can’t do everything you want to do!

Darby C. Anthony

Jessica, Fish in a Tree

Learning from Ally, her classmates, and their new teacher will spark those at-home conversations surrounding bullying, identifying and understanding learning disabilities and ultimately, believing in yourself

Louis Baglio

Mr. Daniels, Fish in a Tree

There is something in it for everyone. It discusses dyslexia which is a disorder that many people have and it shows the audience what you have to go through when first discovering that you have this disorder.

Madison B. Harris

Keisha, Fish in a Tree

It’s a show that every child and adult can relate to and see themselves in.

Lily Lipman

Ally, Fish in a Tree

It’s a beautiful piece that encompasses so much. It’s about hope and about believing in yourself, and for any adult or child, they will be able to see themselves in the characters and feel understood. This piece could give anyone the hope that if they believe in themselves, so much can be accomplished.

Fernando Mercado

Travis/Albert, Fish in a Tree

The story teaches us how to love everyone, regardless of their skills or labels, in a way that is engaging, exciting, and fun!

Sadie Veach

Shay, Fish in a Tree

It is an excellent framework to spark conversations around our unique gifts and how we can support each other by taking the time to understand one another.

Alena Henke

Swing, Assistant Director, & Movement Captain, Fish in a Tree

It reminds us that everyone, not just children, thinks in different and unique ways and just because that makes some things more difficult doesn’t make someone lesser.

Anderson Khochaiche

Swing, Fish in a Tree

There is always more to the story than what can appear on the surface.

Tyler Danhaus

Stage Manager, Fish in a Tree

Ally’s story is one that we can ALL learn from!

Taylor Janney-Rovin

Dramaturg, Fish in a Tree

Fish in a Tree is a wholesome story about not only overcoming but SHINING through your challenges and embracing the things that make you different.

Ann Beyersdorfer

Scenic Designer, Fish in a Tree

Like all good children’s theater, it tackles hard and real problems in a light hearted, fun, and accessible way!

Carmen Martinez

Costume Designer, Fish in a Tree

Families should see this production because it talks about being different and what makes you unique and special.

Emmanuel Delgado

Lighting Designer, Fish in a Tree

Families should see Fish in a Tree so they can witness a story of a young person coming out of their shell growing into themselves.

Glenn Potter-Takata

Sound Designer, Fish in a Tree

Fish in a Tree celebrates the vivid imagination and creativity of children!

Marissa Conroy

Assistant Sound Designer, Fish in a Tree

It is important to celebrate what makes each of us different! Imagination is the pathway to creativity and It’s okay to see things others may not!

Brooke Singer

Properties Manager, Fish in a Tree

Fish in a Tree is a wonderful story about neurodiversity

Kylee Loera

Projection Designer, Fish in a Tree

Because learning HOW each of us individually learn is often a family event!

Benjamin Diskant

Illustrator, Fish in a Tree

Every story deserves to get told!

Erin Gruodis-Gimbel

Wardrobe Supervisor , Fish in a Tree

Fish in a Tree

Adapted by Barbara Zinn Krieger from the best-selling novel by Lynda Mullaly Hunt, this new play with music for young audiences, directed by Sammy Lopez and Melissa Jessel, uses live video technology, dance, and music to explore Ally’s journey with dyslexia.

Fish in a Tree celebrates neurodiversity, friendship, and the power of imagination, and explores the harm bullying causes and the life changing potential of a generous teacher.

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