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Finding great friends can make all the difference. In the show Fish in a Tree, Ally finds two really great friends and it got us thinking about our own friendships. Here's what our cast had to say about their best friends.
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In the show, Ally finds two really great friends! Tell us about your best friend(s).

I knew I had found my best friend when I was able to be silly and not worry if she thought I was weird! Every conversation is full of laughter and I know no matter what, she will be there for me.

Darby C. Anthony

Jessica, Fish in a Tree

Friends are the ones who bring out the best in ME! There’s always room in the heart for friendship. I am so grateful for all my best friends :)

Louis Baglio

Mr. Daniels, Fish in a Tree

I’ve known my best friend Austin since 6th grade. We are more like sisters. We can tell each other anything and always support and uplift each other.

Madison B. Harris

Keisha, Fish in a Tree

I’m really lucky to have a lot of people in my life who care about me and who I care about! I don’t know that it’s possible to have one best friend, but if I had to pick, it would probably be Quin, my partner.

Lily Lipman

Ally, Fish in a Tree

My best friends are the people who are always there for me. When I’m going through rough times, they’re not the people with the answers, but don’t mind sitting with me while I try to find them. They’re the people I laugh with the most. The people I know I’ll spend a lifetime of joy with.

Fernando Mercado

Travis & Albert, Fish in a Tree

I have so many best friends! Hannah, Freja, Allie, Trevor, and George are my nearest and dearest. They are all super creative, and we have a lot of fun together talking in silly voices, going on adventures, and supporting each other in our careers! But we also just love a good cuddle and a movie.

Sadie Veach

Shay, Fish in a Tree

I have lots of best friends and I cherish them! My best friends listen to me and encourage me when I am stressed. They also help celebrate when good things happen in my life and make me feel supported.

Alena Henke

Swing, Fish in a Tree

My best friends are always looking out for me and encouraging me to do the things I’m scared of doing. If I’m ever anxious or scared they’re their to remind me of just how awesome I can be!

Anderson Khochaiche

Swing, Fish in a Tree


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Tell Us About Your Best Friend!

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Fish in a Tree

Adapted by Barbara Zinn Krieger from the best-selling novel by Lynda Mullaly Hunt, this new play with music for young audiences, directed by Sammy Lopez and Melissa Jessel, uses live video technology, dance, and music to explore Ally’s journey with dyslexia.

Fish in a Tree celebrates neurodiversity, friendship, and the power of imagination, and explores the harm bullying causes and the life changing potential of a generous teacher.

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