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The cast of Fish in a Tree, Lily, Sadie, Alena, Darby, Madison, Anderson, Louis, and Fernando, have advice for any young person who is currently being bullied.
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Ally is bullied by her classmate. What’s your advice for a young person who is getting bullied?

Communication is the most important thing! If you feel comfortable, talk to someone about how you are feeling. Maybe it is a family member, a friend, a teacher, or even the bully! You deserve respect from everyone in your life, and you have the right to fight for that. Once you let your feelings out, it is amazing how much confidence you will gain!

Darby C. Anthony

Jessica, Fish in a Tree

Pulling someone down will never help you reach the top! Strong people stand up for themselves, but the strongest people stands up for others. Continue being kind.

Louis Baglio

Mr. Daniels, Fish in a Tree

Go to your parents or a teacher who you feel safe with and tell them what is happening.

Madison B. Harris

Keisha, Fish in a Tree

Tell an adult in your life who you trust. Everyone I know has been bullied at one point in their life. Adults have that experience and sometimes have strategies or tools that they might be able to share with you that have helped them.

Lily Lipman

Ally, Fish in a Tree

As someone who was heavily bullied growing up, the best thing I can say is to not be afraid to tell someone. There is only so much we can deal with on our own, and confiding in a parent, friend, or trusted adult, will help you find the support you need. You are loved and cared for.

Fernando Mercado

Travis & Albert, Fish in a Tree

Bullying is really hard, and it is okay to be sad about the way that someone is treating you. When I was bullied in middle school, I found a lot of wonderful support from my parents, who encouraged me to speak up for myself and address the issue with other adults. Sometimes the person who bullies you might make you feel like you can’t talk to anyone about it, or things will get worse. I promise you that finding support from a grownup will only make things better! I think it’s also important to realize that, like Shay, the person who is bullying you might have things that make them feel bad about themselves, or are experiencing some troubles at home. In reality, the way that you are being treated isn’t a reflection of who you are, but really what the bully is going through. Showing them love is the best course of action. But it’s okay to make boundaries too.

Sadie Veach

Shay, Fish in a Tree

Most of the time bullying has little to do with you! I think reminding yourself of that and expressing your feelings takes a lot of courage, but is the best way to let go of hurt feelings.

Alena Henke

Swing, Fish in a Tree

It’s never your fault when you’re being bullied. If you’re ever being bullied remember that they would have bullied anyone who came along.

Anderson Khochaiche

Swing, Fish in a Tree

Fish in a Tree

Adapted by Barbara Zinn Krieger from the best-selling novel by Lynda Mullaly Hunt, this new play with music for young audiences, directed by Sammy Lopez and Melissa Jessel, uses live video technology, dance, and music to explore Ally’s journey with dyslexia.

Fish in a Tree celebrates neurodiversity, friendship, and the power of imagination, and explores the harm bullying causes and the life changing potential of a generous teacher.

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