Dory Fantasmagory Design Inspirations

See what inspired the creative team of Dory Fantasmagory as they created the show!
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Read on to see what the members of the Dory Fantasmagory creative team said when we asked them what inspired their work on Dory Fantasmagory!

I was inspired by Dory! Directing a show is a lot like playing with your friends (or siblings, in Dory’s case). And I use my imagination all the time to help me figure out what the actors should do. And I was definitely inspired by Abby Hanlon’s amazing illustrations!

Michelle Tattenbaum

Director, Dory Fantasmagory

Joe Raposo, Vince Guaraldi, and of course the Dory Fantasmagory books!

Russ Kaplan

Music and Book , Dory Fantasmagory

My young daughter Chelsea, a Dory super-fan, was by far my greatest inspiration while writing this piece- seeing the story through her eyes helped unlock its joy, comedy, and potential to sing.

Sara Wordsworth

Lyrics & Book, Dory Fantasmagory

Musically, Vince Guaraldi! He brings both a playfulness and sophistication to the Peanuts scores, which Russ also does remarkably well

Robert Frost

Music Director, Dory Fantasmagory

I allowed Dory to remind me how my imagination worked when I was a child.

Jack Mehler

Set Designer , Dory Fantasmagory

I was inspired by how kids are able to see everyday items as magical and special things. They can look at an ordinary towel and see the whole ocean. I was able to view things I see every day in a brand new, fun light.

Evangeline Dillard

Associate Props Designer , Dory Fantasmagory

Dory Fantasmagory

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