Our Actor’s Advice for You!

We asked the cast of Dory Fantasmagory to tell us their advice for young people who want to be actors when they grow up!
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What advice would you give kids who want to be an actor too?

Use your imagination as much as possible, it is the most valuable tool an actor can have. Also, make memories and don’t be afraid to try new things, every experience you can have makes you a better person and therefore a better actor.

Hannah Mount

Actor, Dory Fantasmagory

Just because someone else has not given you a role in their show doesn’t mean you can’t create your own role in your own show! Just as Dory loves to create adventures and tell stories, you can bring your friends and family together and be a storyteller anywhere. Some of my favorite acting moments happened when my friends and I came together to tell the stories that mattered to us.

Ryan Dunn

Actor, Dory Fantasmagory

You can’t live in ‘make believe’ all the time, but when you get the chance to; dive all the way in and enjoy the freedom.

Jean Christian Barry

Actor, Dory Fantasmagory

Actors tell stories about so many different types of people, who do all sorts of different things! So explore everything you find interesting! Sometimes you might get to rollerblade or dance or even do a flip on stage! So if you want to learn something, do it!

Aguel Lual

Actor, Dory Fantasmagory

As an actor, you hear “no” a lot more than you hear “yes”. Instead of letting all of those “no’s” get you down, take it as a challenge and let it fuel you to work even harder next time!

Bailey Seeker

Actor, Dory Fantasmagory

Dory Fantasmagory

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