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In ¡Corre, Abuelita, Run! Emily has a special bond with her Abuelita! We asked the cast of the show to tell us about their abuelita, or the person who filled that role in their lives!
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We asked the cast:

Tell us about your Abuelita, or a person who filled that role in your life!

I was very grateful to live with my abuelito during a very formative time in my life. My abuelito was a born story teller and every night around the dinner table he would tell us stories about growing up in Colombia and his early years in New York City. These stories were a big part of why I believed I could go anywhere and do anything so long as I allowed myself to dream.

Erika Garcia


My Abuelita helped raise me. Growing up my mom was a single parent and my grandmother would regularly get me ready for school, take me on special trips to the library and we would sometimes have sleepovers! Time with my grandmother is so special, getting to hear about her life stories, learning how to cook. I will never forget the impact she continues to have on my life.

Jasmine Maldonado


My abuelita is my favorite person to sit down and have a cup of coffee with. Her presence encapsulates softness and strength all at once. Her voice, and stories, fill me with joy and is capable of making me feel like all will be alright. She is special, and I love her, with all my heart!

Maria Victoria Polanco


My abuelo, se llama “Dita” was my Mexican elder growing up. He is as Chicano as they come, and he was filled with so much love. He loved sharing sports and music with his grandkids.

Talia Lynn Ruiz

Community Guide/Swing

¡Corre, Abuelita, Run!

It’s the first Sunday in November, and Emily’s Abuelita is running in the NYC marathon! Emily made a sign that reads “¡Corre, Abuelita, Run!” that she wants to hold up as Abuelita runs through the finish line – but she needs your help to travel through the five boroughs and get to Central Park in time to celebrate!

Conceived, written, and directed by Sammy Lopez, ¡Corre, Abuelita, Run! is an interactive bilingual, Spanish and English, performance that uses language, music, puppetry, and movement to take your youngest audience members on a journey through the vibrant and diverse neighborhoods of New York City.

If you enjoyed this activity, please consider making a donation to New York City Children’s Theater.

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