Write Your Family Story

Tell your story! Whether your family has immigrant origins or are natives of this land, tell the story of how your family came to be who and where they are - use this activity sheet to get started!
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Write Your Family’s Story!

Download our worksheet and fill in the blanks to write your family story!

Keep Writing!

Using blank paper attached together to create a book, begin the task of creating your family story. Choose how far in the past you will begin. Perhaps you begin with your child’s birth, your birth or your parents or their parents. Draw pictures, glue family photos, cut out images from magazines and newspapers that connect your story. When you get to the end, leave a blank page with the title “Our Family’s Future” to symbolize all of the possibilities that lie ahead!

Tip: In your book, include a page with a map to show where your family began, where they traveled to, where they landed and where you are now!


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Start the Conversation

With increased media attention surrounding immigration, family separations, deportations and asylum seekers, your young ones may have questions regarding this complex topic. Last year, we started the conversation and helped provide your young one with an empathic social-emotional understanding of immigration through story and theatre. This year, we’re going to continue that conversation. This extended video is designed to provide your young ones with information about immigrant and refugee experiences while exploring what it might feel like to arrive and be welcomed to a new place for the first time.

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