Ways to Say Yes and No

We can say yes and no using our words, bodies, and actions. Come up with a list of different ways you can say yes or no with our activity sheet!
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ways to say yes and no start the conversation activity sheet

How Can You Say Yes and No? 

Brainstorm different ways you can say yes or no using your words, body, and actions! Download our activity sheet and write down your ideas!  


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Start the Conversation

Sharing is caring, right? Raising children to be kind, polite and generous is important. But what do we do when sharing doesn’t feel like the right thing to do? Start the Conversation: Practicing Consent uses theater to engage young people in a conversation about consent, sharing, boundary setting and community caring.

In this series, Miss Caitlyn explores consent, sharing, and boundary setting through theater. The video aims to encourage young people and their adults to think critically about the nuances of consent by asking people how they want to be treated, listening to their body, and choosing when and what they want to share.

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