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After watching Start the Conversation: Emergency Drill Support with the young people in your life, brainstorm different people and ways that help keep their school safe. Use our free activity sheet to keep track of them!
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school safety start the conversation activity sheet

How Does Your School Keep You Safe?

Download our worksheet to brainstorm different people and actions your school takes to keep you safe! Run out of space? Use the back of the sheet too! 


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Start the Conversation

Stories of school shootings have been prominent and prevalent in 2022’s national news. 95% of schools in the United States practice drills designed to prepare students and teachers for an active shooter emergency. In this reality, we must consider: how are we talking to our young people about and preparing them for emergency drills and the events that have made them necessary?

In this series, Miss Caitlyn takes young people and their educators through a step-by-step, trauma-informed exploration of what to do before, during and after emergency drills. Students and educators will engage in courageous conversations about school shootings, safety and self-care while exploring a variety of emotion regulation tools.

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