Make a Rocking Boat with Us!

This week at Creative Clubhouse Stories we're reading a special winter tale: The Storm Whale in Winter! In the book, our friend Noi goes out onto the rocky sea in a boat - so today, we're making our own rocking boat!
Creative Clubhouse KIDS

What You’ll Need​

  • Paper Plate 
  • Construction Paper 
  • Crayons/Markers 
  • Tape 
  • Popsicle Stick

What To Do

  1. Fold your paper plate in half and decorate your boat. Try coloring the outside rim of the plate blue to look like water!
  2. Cut a large triangle out of construction paper to make the sail and attach a popsicle stick to the back of the sail with tape.
  3. Then, attach the other end of the popsicle stick to the back, flat edge of your boat.
  4. Stand your folded boat up on the rounded side and watch it rock on the waves!


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