Fall Scavenger Hunt!

Happy First Day of Fall! Let's celebrate by going on a Fall scavenger hunt together!
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Fall Scavenger Hunt

A Fall Scavenger Hunt!

See if you can find all of the items where you are!

1. Can you find something brown like the cornucopia?

2. There are lots of fruits in the cornucopia. Can you find one of the fruits that are in the cornucopia?

3. There are also a lot of veggies in the cornucopia. Find a vegetable where you are!

4. One of the leaves in the background has 6 points. Can you find something with the number 6?

5. There are a lot of leaves in the picture! Can you find a leaf or something shaped like a leaf where you are?

6. The cauliflower is bumpy – can you find something bumpy where you are?

7. The sunflower is bright yellow, can you find something yellow?

8. The cornucopia has a horn on its end – can you find something with a horn?

9. Old leaves can be crinkly. Can you find something that crinkles where you are?

10. Can you find something orange like the pumpkin in the picture?


The next time you’re outside, see if you can find a purple or orange leaf like the ones on top of and behind the cornucopia!


Did your little one find all the items? Share their work with us! Tag us on Instagram @nycchildrenstheater or email us at creativeclubhouse@nycchildrenstheater.org!

If you enjoyed this activity, please consider making a donation to New York City Children’s Theater.

Your gift will enable us to continue the critical work we are doing right now and enable us to continue planning for the future.

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