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In the book Love, Violet, Violet makes a valentine for her crush, Mira! Decorate the heart on our activity sheet to make a note for someone you love or admire - this could be a grownup, a friend, or a crush!
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love violet activity sheet

Decorate A Heart!

Violet decides to send a valentine to Mira on Valentine’s Day! But we can send messages to the people we love anytime of the year! Download our activity sheet, decorate your heart, and send it to someone you love! 

Love, Violet

Of all the kids in Violet’s class, only one leaves her speechless: Mira, the girl with the cheery laugh who races like the wind. If only they could adventure together! But every time Violet tries to tell Mira how she feels, Violet goes shy. As Valentine’s Day approaches, Violet is determined to tell Mira just how special she is.

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