Be An Arts Hero!

NYCCT is proud to join the #ArtsAreMySuperpower campaign, a nationwide effort for children, young adults, families, and classrooms to write letters to Senators voicing support for the arts throughout the month of October.
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Be An Arts Hero

We Need Your Help!

To ensure the future well being and vibrancy of the creative economy, we need to Defend Arts Workers Now and pass the DAWN Act to guarantee that all our favorite theatres, dance studios, concert venues, and art teachers will still be there for us when COVID is past. Let’s make sure you can continue to experience, learn, and create theater, music, dance and visual arts now, and for generations to come.


Step 1: THINK about the ways you and your family have been impacted by the arts in your community. Have you seen a show or concert? Taken a dance class? Learned how to play an instrument?

Step 2: WRITE a letter to your Senator! Find out who your representative is HERE. Then, download the letter template, or start from scratch. Make sure you mention the #DAWNAct so that your letter helps push Senators to save the arts organizations and artists you love.

Step 3: CREATE a piece of art (a poem, a scene, a song, a drawing, etc.) and attach it to your letter, or post it online using the hashtags #BeAnArtsHero, #ArtsAreMySuperpower, and #DAWNAct. Show your Senator how the Arts are your Superpower!

Step 4: SNAP a picture of yourself creating the letter or mailing it in. Post it online with the hashtags #ArtsAreMySuperpower, #BeAnArtsHero, and #DAWNAct. Tag @BeAnArtsHero and your Senator. You can find their social media handle at

Step 5: SEND your letter and raise your voice!

No matter your age, we can all #BeAnArtsHero.

If you enjoyed this activity, please consider making a donation to New York City Children’s Theater.

Your gift will enable us to continue the critical work we are doing right now and enable us to continue planning for the future.

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