Back to School Scavenger Hunt!

It's almost time for kids in NYC to go back to school! Whether you're going to school in person, online, or both, the beginning of the school year is always a fun and exciting time! Take a look at the picture of the classroom below and then play our scavenger hunt!
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Back To School Scavenger Hunt

A Back to School Scavenger Hunt!

See if you can find all of the items where you are!

1. Lots of desks in this picture have folders on them. Find something you can put in a folder.

2. Find something that you have from another state or country that is on the globe in the classroom.

3. It looks like the students in this classroom have some math homework! Can you find something that you use for math?

4. We see a red pencil case! Can you find something red like the pencil case?

5. The board says “Into a Good Book.” Find your favorite book to read!

6. There’s a plant in the classroom…can you find one where you are?

7. Can you find an object that you would keep in a pencil case?

8. There’s a comfy yellow pillow on the couch! Can you find something soft like the pillow?

9. Can you find something made of wood like the desks in the classroom?

10. Can you find something blue like the carpet on the floor?

It’s almost Halloween so there are lots of pumpkins around! Can you find a pumpkin like the one in the picture?



Did your little one find all the items? Share their work with us! Tag us on Instagram @nycchildrenstheater or email us at!

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Your gift will enable us to continue the critical work we are doing right now and enable us to continue planning for the future.

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