Animal Word Scramble

In the book The Rabbit Listened a bunch of animals try to help Taylor. Unscramble the words to see which animal friends try to help Taylor!
Creative Clubhouse KIDS
the rabbit listened activity sheet

Animal Word Search!

All types of animals try to help Taylor out when things come crashing down. See if you can figure out which animals try to help Taylor with our animal word scramble! 

Breathing Makes It Better

As we’re exploring mental health and emotions this month, we’re also exploring different ways to help calm some of the emotions we may feel! With each activity, we’ll share a breathing technique for you and your family to try!

Bunny Breath

  • Inhale 3 quick breaths through the nose, followed by one long exhale through the nose as well.
  • Practice slowing down the exhale each time your child does this conscious breathing exercise.

The bunny breath is from Children’s Bureau. Children’s Bureau is a trusted nonprofit leader in strengthening vulnerable children, their parents and the communities in which they live. We thrive on innovation, thinking differently and bringing life-changing moments to those in need.


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Creative Clubhouse Stories

Join us for an interactive, virtual storytime class that uses children’s literature to explore diverse narratives through theater, music and movement! This month, we’re exploring emotions in our Feeling Feelings series.With a special focus on anger, frustration, anxiety, disappointment, and loss, Miss Caitlyn will use theater to explore these feelings and how we can process them through play.


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