Who We Serve

NYCCT fosters creative, independent, and empathetic minds with a full spectrum of theater activities built around children’s books, including: professional productions; audience engagement activities; online programming and classes; and arts-in-education programs in schools, homeless shelters, libraries, and community centers across NYC.

NYCCT has cultivated over 400,000 empathetic, creative and independent thinkers across more than 550 different schools and homeless shelters over the past 25 years.

We’re one of the only theaters dedicated to solely producing quality new work for young audiences, premiering 32 new works since our inception.

Over the past 8 years, our productions have reached over 33,194 audience members. 17,956 were general audience members, and 15,238 were students who attended one of our 107 school time performances. Of that audience amount, 13,157 children participated in our Send a Kid to Theater access initiative, and over 339 families participated in our Send a Family to Theater access initiative. These initiatives ensure low-income families and students in Title I schools can enjoy NYCCT shows at no cost to themselves.

Over those same 8 years 101,256 children were served by one or more of our education programs. Our Literature at Play program has given 22,105 children a deeper love for literacy and creativity in just five years. 19,851 children have been challenged to actively engage in what it means to stand up to bullying. 5,400 children in transitional housing and homeless shelters have had someone there after school to keep them company and remind them the joys of reading. Our show FIVE aimed towards children with disabilities and the very young has provided over 350 multi-sensory productions to various classrooms.


of school partners ask us to return the following year


ask us to return for 3 years or more.


of schools served are Title 1 and serve low income families


are students of color


of students have disabilities or emotional disturbance


are English Language Learners

NYCCT also provides jobs for about 40 Teaching Artists per year on average.

NYCCT doesn’t just cultivate creativity at school and the theater. Creative Clubhouse is an at home program designed to help young people develop their critical thinking, empathetic problem solving, and social growth even if they can’t join one of our in person events. In one year we have reached 250 families! Our top activity videos have over 5,000 views. Start the Conversation has given 550 grown-ups the tools and language to begin having nuanced conversations around big topics with their children.

Your Support is Critical

Your donation, your word of mouth, and even your kind thoughts help move our mission forward. We are grateful for your interest and your understanding. Join our efforts, because we have the how, and we know you can see the why.

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