Who We Serve

New York City Children’s Theater brings theater and its social and educational benefits to children and families across New York City’s five boroughs through our core mission areas.

New Work

Each year, New York City Children’s Theater’s Mainstage premieres original productions adapted from children’s books, which feature strong child protagonists on journeys of growth or change.

The Goode Family Commissioning Fund supports the further development of new work for our main stage. These funds ensure we create powerful productions for young audiences that spark imagination, teach empathy, and foster creativity.


  • NYCCT serves over 3,900 young and adult audience members each season
  • 30 World Premiere Productions in 24 years
  • Winner of the Off-Broadway Alliance Award for Best Family Show (2015)
  • Featured in The NY Times, Playbill, NY1, and more

Help Create More Quality Theater for Children

Your donations to the Goode Family Commissioning Fund helps us develop new works, supporting talented writers, directors and artists while bringing award-winning shows to young audiences.


New York City Children’s Theater is the premier arts-in-education provider for elementary school-age children. Our programs have served over 75,000 students in over 500 schools, homeless shelters, and community centers. New York City Children’s Theater’s residencies, workshops, family programs, and touring shows use theater and music to inspire and educate children in grades Pre-K-5.

The Tony and Anna Kayafas Special Education Fund, created by 2014 Gala Honorees Stan and Helen Kayafas, supports special needs arts education in District 75 schools in New York City. Our arts-in-education programs are particularly effective for students with special needs and use the power of theater to help increase communication skills and support classroom engagement.


  • 31% of the population we serve are students with disabilities or emotionally disturbed
  • 80% of the students we serve identify as Black, Indigenous, or Persons of Color
  • 20% of the students we serve are multilingual learners
  • 70% of our school partners are Title 1 School, the majority of whose student populations are economically disadvantaged

Help Reach More Children and Families

The children, adults and families we serve rely on the support of Stan and Helen Kayafas and donors like you. Please support our Education initiatives today to help more children and families through the power of theater.


In service of our mission to reach children of all backgrounds across the city’s five boroughs, we offer two access initiatives: Send a Kid to Theater and Send a Family to Theater. Through these campaigns, NYCCT provides free tickets to thousands of young audience members, often giving them their first live theater experience.

With your help, we can continue offering free tickets to students for a live theater performance that positively impacts their cognitive, emotional, and social development and furthers a lifelong appreciation of the arts.

  • Since 2015, 46% of our tickets were granted through access initiatives
  • 90% of students who attend through Send a Kid to Theater see their first production
  • 70% of families who attend through Send a Family to Theater are from neighborhoods where the median income level is $40,000 or less.
  • 91% of Send a Kid to Theater and Send a Family to Theater attendees identify as Black, Indigenous, or Persons of Color

The result is empathetic, creative, and independent thinkers who make a positive impact on their world.

Help More Children Experience Theater

The power of theater to open new worlds while connecting hearts and minds is undeniable. Like us, the underprivileged children and families these funds serve are incredibly grateful for your generosity.

Give More Theater

Explore more ways to support quality theater for young audiences and families and choose the level that works for you.

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