About New York City Children’s Theater

From our supportive board, to our tireless staff, to our talented teaching artists, these are the people who make NYC Children’s Theater the premier children’s theater and educational program in New York.

Years of Quality Children's Theater

Children and Adults Served

Elementary Schools & Homeless Shelters

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About New York City Children’s Theater

New York City Children’s Theater programs cultivate children’s growth in the areas of:

  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Community Building
  • Responsible Decision-Making

The result is empathetic, creative and independent thinkers who make a positive impact on their world.

NYC Children's Theater Kids Workshop

Our Mission

The mission of New York City Children’s Theater is to promote children’s literacy and social development through sustainable, accessible professional theater productions and arts-in-education programs.

We reach children and their communities with a wide range of programming, including full-scale productions, small touring shows, interactive workshops and in-school residencies, and engage with them in traditional theater spaces, school auditoriums, classrooms and cultural venues in their neighborhoods.

We demonstrate that engaging young people in the arts has a positive impact on their cognitive, emotional and social development, and furthers a lifelong appreciation of the arts.

Louis Armstrong: Jazz Ambassador - NYC Children's Theater Show

Our History

NYC Children’s Theater began in 1996, as Making Books Sing — the family theater and education program of the Tony Award-winning Vineyard Theatre. It became an independent 501(c)(3) nonprofit in 2001.

Over the last 27 years, our local and nationally recognized arts-in-education programs and professional theater productions have served over 420,000 children and adults, across all five boroughs and surrounding communities in the Tri-State area. By partnering with more than 550 elementary schools and homeless shelters, and providing subsidized tickets to over 120,000 students and families for our professional shows, we have increased arts accessibility for underserved communities in New York City.

We create and premiere more original work for young audiences than any other company in the city. And to ensure more children have the opportunity to experience these productions, we recently launched TYAShowRights.com to license our productions to children’s theaters and schools across the country.

In addition to creating original, enriching productions for young audiences, we bring the power of theater arts to thousands of school children each year.

Performance Of The Butterfly
Ballerina Swan (2013) - NYC Children's Theater Show

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