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Dec 18, 2023 | NYCCT Highlights, Posts

New York City is an internationally recognized capital of the arts, and of theater in particular. How do we as a city help build a robust engagement between our citizens and the arts which are a backbone of the city’s identity, economy, and reputation? That question has taken on increased importance over the past few years. Recent events have shown us that if we do not nurture connections to the arts across every borough in NYC, community connections shrink and the city’s vibrance dims.

As we approach the shortest day of the year, New York City Children’s Theater commits itself to turning that vibrance up.

We have been building future audiences for over 25 years. We know that theater which centers on young people’s stories offers children an opportunity to see themselves and work out ideas, relationships, and conflict for which they still have not developed complex language, and for which they might lack context.

Quite simply, we help children build a habit of theater-going.

We offer thousands of young people in our weekend family audiences, and our school-day field trip audiences an opportunity to engage with the world and with their role in it through theater. According to the American Academy of Arts and Sciences “Artistic works expose students to deep personal perspectives and intimate experiences, and through these experiences students find new ways to see themselves and their role in the world.”

samuel saint juste, kaila burritt, and kaylin johnson in my first nutcracker

Not sure how to deal with a friend who only likes you when you do what they say? NYCCT’s touring production of AVERY’S STORY will give you some tools to work through and repair that friendship.

Overwhelmed by how much is in the world and unsure where to start taking it all in? NYCCT’s CINCO and FIVE will help you become mindful of the city around you in a manageable way by engaging your five senses.

Hungry for a fantastical adventure that helps you imagine flying around the world, helping a young girl free a prince from an evil spell, and dancing through a garden of sweets? MY FIRST NUTCRACKER will give your imagination all the food it needs to grow a magical musical adventure.

And what if you’re experiencing something not directly addressed by an NYCCT production? A habit of making and experiencing theater can help young people apply imagination, communication, and empathy to challenging situations, and build a healthy process of action and reflection that leads to self-affirming choices. That doesn’t just lead to healthy children, it leads to healthy adults. A lifelong habit of theater-going can have a positive effect on mental health by building communication skills, a sense of community and connection, empathy, and confidence.

It’s how we’re building a kinder, more creative city, one child at a time.

Thank you for all the ways you help us serve New York City’s children. We cannot do it without you.

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