Start the Conversation Featured on Teaching Artistry with Courtney J. Boddie

Jun 14, 2023 | Grownups, Posts

NYCCT’s Start the Conversation is featured on Teaching Artistry with Courtney J. Boddie! Tune in to hear Courtney J. Boddie, creator Caitlyn McCain, and some of the collaborators of Start the Conversation delve into the process of creating meaningful conversations.

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Caitlyn McCain – Finding Paths for Freedom Dreaming Part 1 

Part one is all about identifying passion, knowing where one is meant to be, loss and grief, and finding meaning and power in the arts. In this time machine of a discussion, Courtney and Caitlyn go back to their respective moments of foundational learning to investigate their lived childhood experiences, and reflect on the people that supported their growth and urged them to be their best selves.

Caitlyn McCain – Finding Paths for Freedom Dreaming Part 2

The second part of this episode steers us more intentionally into our upcoming episodes, which showcases the New York City Children’s Theater’s (NYCCT) resources titled, “Start the Conversation.” In their chat, Caitlyn takes a deeper dive into the work she does at NYCCT.

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Step In and Go Slow – In Conversation with “Start the Conversation”

Courtney sits down with panelists Caitlyn McCain, Tara Kirton and Nicole Hogsett to discuss how New York City Children’s Theater resources came to be, beginning with a three-part video series called, “Our Relationship to Race.” The series they’ve created invites deep conversations between adults and kids about their relationship to race and racism.

Make Space, Give Grace – In Conversation with “Start the Conversation”

Courtney, Caitlyn and Lindz cover topics like pushing back against the current wave of anti-LGBTQIA legislation on the federal and local levels and developing engaging education content that invites adults to have big conversations with kids about a range of topics from LGBTQIA+ identities to the non-binary and gender spectrum.

Insert Humanness HERE – In Conversation with “Start the Conversation”

Courtney, Caitlyn, and Nicole dive right into a crucial topic: emergency drill support for teachers and kids. Drawing from their own experiences in classrooms, and in collaboration with educators and mental health professionals, they have created valuable resources for teachers, teaching artists and anyone working with young people.

Download the Companion Document for these episodes!

teaching artistry with courtney j. boddie

Teaching Artistry with Courtney J. Boddie, a podcast featuring conversations with arts and education leaders with over 20,000 plays and listenership from more than 50 countries around the world. Teaching Artistry blends creative and educational practice in service of community building, social justice, and inspiring joy. Courtney J. Boddie, host and creator, chats with teaching artists and arts educators who are driving professional teaching artistry forward. Courtney and her guests discuss personal journeys, celebrate triumphs and challenges, and advocate fiercely for the arts in all communities. The podcast’s mission is to highlight the impact that teaching artistry has had, and must continue to have, both in the arts community and in all communities.

Start the Conversation

Start the Conversation provides grown-ups with the language and tools necessary to start, and continue, nuanced conversations around big topics with their children. Through a combination of videos, workshops, activities and resource guides, Start the Conversation uses developmentally appropriate children’s literature and applied theater techniques to engage young people with themes such as race, racism, politics, immigration, mental health, LGBTQ+ identities and more.

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