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Oct 10, 2022 | Press

On Monday, October 10th, Min Kahng joined Cindy Hsu on CBS Mornings to talk about our new musical, The Adventures of Honey & Leon: The Musical, NYCCT’s upcoming season, what Min’s working on next and more!

The Adventures of Honey & Leon: The Musical

The Adventures of Honey & Leon: The Musical is playing at Theatre Row through Sunday, October 23rd!

Honey and Leon are loyal dogs who love their two dads very much, but their dads often travel for work, which worries the siblings. When their dads go off on a work trip, Honey and Leon decide this time they won’t sit around and worry. Instead, they go on their own European adventure with a mission: protect their dads!

Based on the book by actor and New York Times Bestselling author Alan Cumming and illustrated by Grant Shaffer, this new musical by Min Kahng and directed by Kimille Howard celebrates the important bond between pets and their owners.

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