A Band of Angels Trailer

Nov 17, 2020 | Trailers and Discounts

Join us for a Band of Angels! 

About the show!

Ella is a pop culture obsessed teenager living in present day New York City. One afternoon she is transported back in time to meet the Jubilee Singers, a choir still in operation today that was founded shortly after the Civil War at one of the first schools for freed slaves, and gains a new appreciation for history and education.

Written by Myla Churchill and first produced by New York City Children’s Theater in 2005, the musical includes traditional African-American spirituals and was called “uplifting” and “captivating” by The New York Times.

Show Credits

Written by Myla Churchill
Directed by Colman Domingo
Music Directed by Kristen Rosenfeld
Adapted from the book A Band of Angels By Deborah Hopkinson

Starring (2015 Revival):

  • Bryson Bruce
  • Denielle Marie Grey
  • Sekou S. Luke
  • Cynthia Nesbit
  • Sam Ray
  • La’Nette Wallace

Upcoming Performances

There are no upcoming events at this time.

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