What Sensory Friendly Performances Mean to My Family

Oct 22, 2019 | Spotlights

New York City Children’s Theater believes that every child has a right to enter into the world of theater. Following this philosophy, we provide sensory friendly performances of our shows each season. These shows are designed for families with children on the autism spectrum and other related conditions.

One family has been joining us for sensory friendly performances since our first one! Today, Adriane tells us what these performances mean to her and her family.

New York City’s Children’s Theater has given me and my family the opportunity to experience their amazing and engaging theatre performances. My son is part of the autism community, and it limits family activities that he would be able to enjoy. Not only do NYCCT have great shows, but they have made showtimes that include special accommodations that are specifically tailored to children who are usually not able to enjoy these types of entertainment. At NYCCT’s sensory-friendly performances, my son feels at home.


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The staff at NYCCT are friendly and welcoming. The theater is made into a ‘no shush zone’ that makes children and their families feel comfortable to laugh, sing, dance, and just have fun during the experience. There are noise isolation headphones and fidgets available to those children who may need them, which my son took total advantage of. A quiet area is set up that allows a place to relax when children are getting overwhelmed and just need a break. The performances are all based on books, which a staff member reads to the children before the show begins. This brings a great amount of excitement to see the book come to life during the show.

The actors are very entertaining and interact with the kids during the show. After the show is over they do a meet and greet with the children, making the experience even more special. I was skeptical at first that my son would not be able to handle a show because of how loud and dark it is but because of the accommodations my son has become one of their biggest fans.  I am very happy that I can introduce my son to theatrical acting in Times Square despite his condition. It has always been a memorable experience for me and my son!

– Adriane R.

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