Back to School Advice from Teaching Artist Meghan G.

Sep 4, 2019 | Education

I remember my first days of school! I was nervous nervous nervous!! Here are some tips I learned…

1 At first, I was nervous I would not make friends and I would feel lonely. I felt so much better when I learned that EVERYONE is nervous on their first day of school. We all want to make new friends, so you are not alone! Don’t be afraid to introduce yourself to someone new.

2 I was afraid my teachers wouldn’t like me. Did you know that your teachers are just as nervous that YOU won’t like them? Teachers care so much about you, and they want you to do well.

3 I was afraid I would not do well in school, but then I realized that I had all these teachers and friends to help me. I learned to ask questions instead of keeping them a secret. When I started to ask questions, I realized that other students had the same questions too! Ask questions and ask for help when you need it.

4 Have fun! School feels long now, but it will go by so fast! Before you know it, you will graduate! Enjoy your new friends and new classes and all the after-school programming and clubs!

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