Acting in NYCCT’s Middle School Playwriting Competition

Sep 18, 2019 | Spotlights

Each year, NYCCT hosts a Middle School Playwriting Competition for New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut students in grades 6-8. One of the best parts of hosting the competition is our partnership with the New Paradigm Theatre (NPT). Each year, young actors from NPT join NYCCT adult actors to bring our young playwrights work to life on stage. Today, two of our young actors from last year’s reading tell us about their experience. 

This year was my second year performing with New York City Children’s Theater and it was an amazing experience! Just like last year, I had a fantastic time working with New York actors and getting the chance to perform the plays of young writers. Being a young creative writer myself, it was a nice experience to see what young writers want to watch. Being a young actor, it was also nice to see and talk to other performers who have experience in the professional world. New York Children’s Theater has a very talented and respectful group of directors, stage managers, and assistants. They have given me tools to be able to work with new plays and now take more New York auditions. I had an amazing time last year, an amazing time this year, and I hope/can’t wait for next years new experience with the New York Children’s Theater

– Ajibola “Keeme” T

What a great opportunity this was! I had done shows before but I had never done something like this and it helped me grow as an actress. Getting to be a part of the New York City Children’s Theater Middle School Playwriting Competition Readings helped me learn about how to perform read-throughs and preform better altogether. What impressed me was that the rehearsal process showed me how fast-paced everything was done. Me and some of the other members of the theater company I perform with, New Paradigm Theater, got to go on a train from Connecticut to New York to be a part of this. And when we were there we performed and practiced in front of the middle schooler writers who had written our plays which was my favorite part. I am sure it was cool for them to see their words come to life. I can’t wait until next year when they do this event again.

– Sienna R.

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