Bernard’s Middle School Playwriting Experience

Jan 24, 2019 | Spotlights

Last year, we asked young playwrights in NY, NJ and CT to write 10 minute plays based on the theme: How do we use technology to connect with others? 

Five grand prize winner’s had their plays staged as readings at Theatre Row and at the New Paradigm Theater in Connecticut! Today, Bernard, who wrote one of our five winning plays, tells us about his Middle School Playwriting Competition Experience! 

In class, we did a unit on playwriting. I considered many ideas for my play, but something about the relationship between an overly-excited soon-to be-father and an anxious soon-to-be mother stuck with me.


I wrote the play and revised it over 3 months, turning in 6 different revisions. I had a very clear vision for what my play was supposed to look like staged. I was fascinated by the deliberate choices the actors and the director made about the way the character would say a certain line or the pauses a character would make.


After spending so many months revising my play, it was interesting to see the ways that different perspectives can transform a play yet maintain its integrity.


It was a great experience to see my play performed by professional actors because it opened me up to the different interpretations of my writing, and made me understand my own writing in new ways.

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